Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Established by Chizuk Amuno Congregation (CAC), Krieger Schechter Day School doesn’t only share the synagogue’s building. We also share a jam-packed calendar of services, adult education classes and family programs to celebrate Shabbat, the Jewish holidays and major life-cycle events. A visit to the Chizuk Amuno website is a great introduction to the feel of the synagogue community.

Adult Education

Chizuk Amuno welcomes current KSDS parents to extend their knowledge of Jewish tradition, values and Torah by attending any of our adult education classes. Impress your kids with your biblical interpretation and Torah reading skills! Contact Rabbi Debi Wechsler, 410-486-6400, ext. 231 for more information.

Young Families and Youth Groups at Chizuk Amuno

The Young Families of Chizuk Amuno creates family friendly programming for families with children from birth through elementary school. Read more about Young Families.

Chizuk Amuno’s youth programs offer exciting social experiences in a Jewish setting for Kindergarten through Grade 12. Read more about Chizuk Amuno youth groups.