Athletics FAQ

Are middle school students required to participate in after-school athletics at KSDS?

  • After-school athletics are optional, but highly encouraged. Over 90% of our students participate in at least one season of athletics during middle school.
  • In fact, we honor several 8th grade students at the end of every year who have participated in a sport all 12 seasons (3 seasons per year, times 4 years of MS) while at KSDS.

What sports are offered?

  • KSDS athletics are organized by season. Students can participate in any/all seasons for any/all of their years in middle school.
    • Fall – Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Co-ed Cross Country
    • Winter – Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball
    • Spring – Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Co-ed Track & Field, Girls Lacrosse

My child plays travel/club/rec for “x” sport. Will he/she be able to fit in ALSO playing for a KSDS team during that same season?

  • Many, many of our students also play on a travel or club team in a sport that they also play for KSDS, as long as there aren’t too many schedule conflicts. Students who also play outside of school find that their skills and competitive level improve for both sets of teams, since they are playing much more often.

My child has never before played “x” sport. Is it appropriate for him/her to try playing that sport at KSDS?

  • Yes! Most sports have different team levels, to accommodate both students who are new to the sport and students who have competitive playing experience.

What is the time commitment for participating in after-school sports at KSDS?

  • Most KSDS teams have practice every day after school, Mondays through Thursdays, when there is not a game. Practice lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours after school ends. Occasionally a team will have a day off in a given week.
  • On game days, students are dismissed early from school to arrive on time at the game. Return times vary, depending on the sport and the game location, but usually teams have returned to KSDS between 5:30-7:00pm on game days.
  • Basketball is an exception, as all teams rotate scheduling in our gym. Practices and games will usually take place 2-3 times per week, and can be scheduled from 4-5, 5-6 or 6-7 on any given day.

Who are the coaches?

  • KSDS coaches include our fabulous Physical Education staff and also include local coaches and teachers from all backgrounds and experiences.  All of our coaches love working with middle school kids and are talented, knowledgeable sports coaches.

How is playing time in a game decided?

  • Our different level teams have different philosophies about playing time and competitiveness.
    • Our B and C level teams will play with mostly balanced playing time among all team members, though there may be some exceptions in some circumstances.
    • Our A level teams will play with a more competitive philosophy, and students who are stronger will likely see more playing time. All students on an A team will see some amount of playing time in most games, though not necessarily extensive, and not necessarily balanced among all players.
    • Playing time and/or “starting” status is also affected by the student’s regular attendance at practices. Students who frequently miss practice might be limited in the playing time they are given in a game, or not be played at all in some games.

How and when do I sign up my middle schooler for after-school sports?

  • Online registration and payment is available , for the whole year or a few weeks before each season. For planning purposes, we ask students to register in advance, but if a student decides to try-out at the last minute, we will accept registrations through the first day of tryouts.
  • Students can register, if they choose, at the beginning of the year for all seasons that year, or can register one season at a time.

How much does it cost to participate in after-school sports?

  • $150 per season, via FACTS as part of the online registration process.

Tryouts? Does everyone make the team?

  • All students at KSDS who want to play are placed on a team. Some sports have multiple teams, at different levels, to allow for different skill levels of athletes. Some team assignments are also based on age, size and league rules; it is rare for a 5th grade student, for example, to be placed on a A-level team.
  • At the conclusion of the tryout period (the first week of every season), families will be emailed with the team assignment for their students.

How do I find the schedule for practices and games?

What supplies, equipment and clothing does my child need?

  • For ALL sports:
    • School provides water for refilling water bottles
    • Parents provide water bottle, snack, comfortable clothes for practices
  • Soccer
    • School provides: uniform (A team gets top & bottom; B team gets top, and students should wear black shorts), soccer balls
    • Parents provide: soccer cleats (no metal spikes), shin guards, socks for practices and games
  • Cross Country
    • School provides – uniform (top)
    • Parents provide – black shorts (bottom), running shoes, socks,
  • Basketball
    • School provides – uniform (top and bottom), basketballs
    • Parents provide – socks, shoes
  • Baseball
    • School provides – hat and uniform jersey, baseballs. School has bats and catcher equipment if students want to use
    • Parents provide – baseball pants (white for games), socks, cleats (no metal spikes), glove, protective cup; can bring your own bat and catcher gear if choose
  • Softball
    • School provides – hat and uniform jersey and shorts, softballs. School has bats and catcher equipment if students want to use
    • Parents provide – cleats (no metal spikes), glove; can bring your own bat and catcher gear if choose
  • Track and Field
    • School provides – uniform (top)
    • Parents provide – black shorts (bottom), running shoes, socks.
  • Girls’ Lacrosse
    • School provides – uniform (top and bottom)
    • Parents provide – shoes, socks, stick, mouthguard, goggles

What other schools does KSDS play against?

Can parents watch the games?

  • YES! We always love having KSDS Lions’ fans at our home and away games! Addresses and directions to the other schools can be found on the list of schools linked in the previous question and answer, above.

How does my child get to and from the away games?

  • KSDS provides bus transportation to and from all away games, departing from and returning to KSDS.
  • If parents attend the games and wish to take their child home by car at the end, parents must email the coach in advance so that we know we are not responsible for return transportation.

What about weather cancellations?

  • We try to decide by noon if a game or practice needs to be cancelled (sometimes it is our decision, sometimes it is the decision of the other team). This info will be sent via the KSDS Events Cancellation / Update Text Alerts. To opt in the to EVENTS list, which includes all sports cancellation notices, please send a text message to 34681 and in the body write ksdsevents. Please note that the messages are case sensitive.

How does my child find out about schoolwork missed for a game early dismissal?

  • Middle school students are still held responsible for on-time completion of all work, even if they missed class for sports dismissal
  • It is the responsibility of the middle school student to:
    • Ask teachers in advance (earlier that day or the day before) about what he/she will miss when dismissing early for sports that day
    • Submit in advance (earlier that day) any homework that was to be due during the class the student would miss
    • Check Renweb for any homework assigned when the student missed class
    • Check with a classmate for any other information from the missed class

How does school attendance or tardiness affect participation in after-school sports?

  • Students who are absent from school are not allowed to participate in after-school activities that day, including sports games or practices.
  • Students who are late to school must arrive in school prior to 11am in order to be allowed to participate in after-school activities that day, including sports games or practices.

For more information and all other policies, philosophies, and procedures, please consult the KSDS Athletics Handbook, found by clicking here, or please contact Shannon Cohen, KSDS Athletics Director, at