The Arts

It’s a fact: Activity in the arts stimulates activity in the brain. Through the arts, kids learn to solve problems creatively. They learn to convey information in a variety of ways. They learn to express their ideas and themselves with confidence and energy.

Every class at Krieger Schechter Day School inspires creativity. Our kindergarteners perform skits and draw their own Megillahs. Our seventh graders produce the annual Purim shpiel. Eighth graders create multimedia art projects in their math classes.

It’s all part of our philosophy to uncover knowledge and deepen understanding not only through text, discussion, skills building and self-reflection, but also through drawing, painting, drama and music. At KSDS, the arts are a vehicle for self-expression, a way of enriching knowledge across the curriculum, and a means for deepening each student’s connection to Jewish celebrations, observance and history.