From playful kindergarten role-playing to the full-scale 8th Grade musical, drama enriches the Krieger Schechter Day School experience. Each year, every grade performs a play in Hebrew and one in English. Plays are an opportunity for parents, siblings, grandparents and friends to share in some of the most precious, and some of the most impressive, showcases of talent and creativity.

The 2022 8th Grade Play will be announced soon! 

Performance Highlights

Class Performance
Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
Grade 1 Siyyum Hasefer (Siddur Play)
Grade 2 Famous Person Biography Presentations
Grade 3 Humash Play
  Judy Chicago Dinner Party
Grade 4 Yom HaZikaron Program
Grade 5  
Grade 6 Great Fruit Debate
Grade 7 Purim Shpiels – Skits on the Book of Esther

Yom HaZikaron Program 

Grade 8 Eighth Grade Play – A full-scale musical production in Hebrew

Drama in the Curriculum

Students in the Lower School perform each year for one another and for parents and grandparents. Formal drama study is introduced in Middle School. Students in Grade 5 rotate through three trimesters of the arts, which include drama, visual art and music. Students in 6th-8th Grades can choose drama as their arts elective, of which each student must choose one per year. Drama classes run twice a week on a semester-basis.

Middle School Drama Electives

Class Elective
Grade 5 Creative Movement / Pantomime
  Creative Drama / Improvisation
Grade 6 Theater games/ Improvisation and Character Development / Intro to Shakespeare
Grade 7 Scene Study
Grade 8 Art/Drama Collaborative: Shadow Puppetry

Browse the Middle School curriculum for more grade-by-grade information on arts electives.

The Eighth Grade Play

A culmination of their years at KSDS, the 8th Grade Play is a huge event for the entire KSDS community. Parents and alumni join us to watch students perform a musical entirely in Hebrew. Recent productions have included “Annie,” “Mulan,”  “High School Musical” “Into the Woods” and “Fiddler on the Roof”.