The K-8 Advantage

There are many benefits to attending a K-8 school. Find out why it’s a great choice for your child by reviewing the eight reasons below. 

Accelerated Leadership
Students are given more leadership opportunities at an earlier age which instills confidence and a sense of responsibility. At KSDS, middle school students participate in leadership council and act as mentors and role models for younger students. Lower school students join student council, serve as safety patrol, and lead weekly services. All students lead grade-level programs and participate in public speaking.

Age-Appropriate Atmosphere
KSDS facilities, events and activities are age appropriate and tailored specifically to K – 8 development. Studies show that a K – 8 setting enhances academic, social, and emotional development which translates to higher academic achievement, better standardized test scores, and greater participation in extracurricular activities.

Nurturing Environment
Grades K – 8 are formative years and developing children should be nurtured during this time. KSDS has an intimate setting that allows faculty to fully know a student’s social, emotional, and academic needs and follow their development through graduation. Every effort is made to create a nurturing environment in which to develop.

Self Discovery
The intimate K – 8 setting allows students to better explore their individuality. A child’s academic abilities, learning styles, personal interests, and extracurricular talents become defined and students discover their strengths with caring teachers by their sides. Each student leaves KSDS with a strong sense of identity

The Power of Change
Students greatly benefit from a change of scenery, including new friends and challenges. A new school setting provides stimulation and a renewed energy that enhances the overall learning experience. KSDS students leave eighth grade ready for new adventures while remaining connected to peers for support.

Experience with Transition
Making the switch to a new school can be difficult but the experience of transition is invaluable. Moving from KSDS to a different high school gives our students a maturity and knowledge that helps them confidently transition to college and the work world.


Informed Choices
Evaluating high school options is a special experience for students. KSDS eighth graders work with parents, teachers and counselors to make the best choice based on the individual that they have become, not the child that entered in Kindergarten. The high school selection process also helps to strengthen a student’s commitment to achieving success.

Everlasting Empowerment
Year after year, KSDS graduates leave our school as poised, confident leaders who possess a strong sense of self for life.