Admissions Questions & Answers

How many teachers are there per student?
Our student-teacher ratio is 9:1. That leaves lots of time for one-on-one interaction and personal attention. We also have resource teachers at almost every level for math and reading.
Do I have to belong to Chizuk Amuno Congregation to enroll my child at KSDS?
Admission to KSDS is open to all Jewish students, regardless of synagogue membership or denominational affiliation. Some of our families are members of Chizuk Amuno. Others belong to other local synagogues. KSDS families might be Orthodox or Reform, Conservative or Reconstructionist. We welcome to all members of the Jewish community. In that sense we are a community school.

All KSDS families are welcome to take advantage of the many opportunities for learning, celebration and service that our synagogue community offers. Browse the Chizuk Amuno website to get a feel for the congregation.

KSDS covers the general studies curriculum and Hebrew and Judaic studies. How do you fit it all in?
In a word: efficiency. With bright students and motivated master teachers, we are able to move at an advanced pace through every element of our dual curriculum. Further, our curriculum is integrated. Students learn the mechanics of writing in language arts classes and in Hebrew. History, art, social studies, geography and Judaics, we approach them all from a number of angles. The general studies and Judaic studies programs complement each other.

A KSDS education is challenging and enriching. This unique blend makes a KSDS education a great preparation for the most challenging high schools in the Baltimore area. It’s also part of the reason why Schechter kids bring a level of energy to learning that makes them stand out in high school, college and beyond.

When do most children enter KSDS?
Kindergarten and 1st Grade are our biggest entry years, but our school invites families to apply to any grade. The beginning years of Middle School bring more new faces to our classrooms. Our Hebrew and Judaics Bridges Program makes it possible for new students who haven’t attended a Jewish Day School to enter any grade at KSDS. Our Apply page contains all the information you’ll need to get the admission process started.
How is it possible for a child to enter grades 1-8 from a secular school?
Our Bridges Program is designed to give individual attention to highly motivated, academically successful students entering any grade who have little or no background in Hebrew and Judaics. New students build their knowledge of Hebrew and Judaic studies together and join the rest of the class for general studies periods.
What is the cutoff date for entry into kindergarten?
Your future kindergartener should be five years old by September 1 of the year you wish him or her to enter. The Admission Director will work closely with families with children whose birthdays are between September 1 and December 31st to help determine readiness for Kindergarten. See the Apply page for more details on application procedures for Kindergarten through Grade 4.
Do both parents have to be Jewish to send their children to KSDS?
No. Some of our students come from interfaith marriages. If a child’s birth mother is not Jewish, the child must convert to Judaism to enroll at KSDS.
What if our family is strictly kosher? Or what if we don’t keep a strictly kosher home?
KSDS welcomes families of all approaches to Jewish home life.  We are a kosher school and facility. We teach the background, purpose and practice of kashrut and present observing the laws as a mitzvah in our daily lives. Chizuk Amuno ensures that the entire synagogue and school facility maintains the laws of kashrut every day, including Passover. The hot lunch program is run out of our kosher kitchen. All children are permitted to bring dairy or vegan (parve) lunches and snacks to school.

We ask parents to respect others’ practices when hosting parties outside school. We request that parties not be scheduled on Shabbat or Jewish holidays, and that non-kosher food not be served. You will receive specific guidelines when your child enrolls.

What if we don’t speak Hebrew at home? Or I don’t know Hebrew? How can I help my child with Hebrew homework?
The success of our curriculum on every subject is based in the knowledge of our teachers, not of our parents. It’s our job to teach! You are giving your child the gift of a second language at an early age—developmentally the best time for that exposure. Students learn everything they need to know in our classes, which immerse students in Hebrew as a living language.

Our Hebrew teachers staff the Hebrew Homework Room in the first half-hour after the end of the school day. The room is open to students in Grades 1-4 from 3:30-4:00 p.m. It’s a chance to complete Hebrew homework and have it checked. It’s free!

Be prepared for your child to teach you a thing or two! We also encourage you to participate in the adult education programs at Chizuk Amuno Congregation.

Does KSDS have a dress code?
KSDS no longer uses a specific dress code with required types of clothing. However, we do continue to promote school values of tzni’ut (modesty) in clothing that is allowed to be worn. KSDS Spirit Wear is welcome to be worn any time!
We encourage students to wear KSDS Spirit Wear specifically on Fridays to show our community spirit as we head into Shabbat..
Where do most KSDS students go after they graduate?
Seventy percent of our graduating class goes on to Baltimore area independent high schools. Thirty-percent enter public schools. Visit the Outcomes page for specific high school destinations.