At KSDS, our goal is to provide a foundation of skills and knowledge for students to live productively, safely, and effectively in a digital world through technology-integrated curricular activities.

Beyond our classroom computer labs and technology resources in the library, faculty and staff uses mobile computer labs, electronic whiteboards, document cameras, and audio/video tools.

Twenty-first Century Skills

Computing is a fact of life. From information searches to document preparation, most of use computers for dozens of tasks. At Krieger Schechter Day School, our students use technology to work on actual class projects. So they learn by doing.

Students steadily gain skills in:

  • Mousing and keyboarding
  • Managing files
  • Manipulating clip art
  • Word processing in English and Hebrew
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Using the Internet for research
  • Software and applications such as Powerpoint and the Microsoft Office Suite

Lower School (K-4) Technology

Lower School technology projects reinforce and extend what students are learning in math, language arts, social studies and Hebrew. Using the latest software programs, students create self-portraits, write stories and “publish” class books, make posters and slide shows and manipulate data in spreadsheets to make graphs. Student activities in the computer lab are coordinated with the General Studies and Judaic Studies teachers and always relate to topics and skills being covered in the homeroom class.

Middle School (5-8) Technology

Middle School students use their computer to complete extensive projects and class assignments. This work enhances critical thinking skills as it deepens students’ knowledge of the latest software. Not an end in itself, the work we do in technology integrates with what students are learning in math, social studies, language arts, journalism and the science program. Past projects have included poster and menu creation for the Middle School Arts Coffee House and the building of a virtual museum using Powerpoint slides. 

For the KSDS Middle School Laptop Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy, click here.