MS Hesed Hours (Community Service)

A core value in Jewish tradition is Gemilut Hasadim, acts of lovingkindness. We strive to show Hesed (care and lovingkindness for others) throughout our lives. The Middle School Hesed Hours’ requirement is designed to help our students learn how to create the time, energy and desire to make community service part of their regular schedule. Over the course of their four years in Middle School, our students are expected to complete 40 hours of community service.

This requirement should be regarded as a starting point; in fact, many of our students exceed that requirement by multiples of two and three. Our ultimate objectives are not quantifiable; we want our students to experience the satisfaction of contributing to the betterment of the world, and to build skills and habits of giving, compassion and tolerance that come from helping other people.

For more information about hesed projects, please contact Robyn Blum ( or ext. 241).

Paperwork required for tracking completed Hesed Hours:

Have the organization for which you volunteered send email or letter to Stacey Thompson with dates you volunteered, type of work you did, total number of hours that you volunteered.