Lower School Special Programs

Class Trips (Tiyyulim)

  • Green Meadow Farms
Grade 1
  • Flag House
  • Oregon Ridge Park
Grade 2
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Holiday visit to Milford Mill Nursing Home
Grade 3
  • Jewish Museum of Baltimore
  • Oregon Ridge Park – to walk the Oregon Trail
  • The Walters Art Gallery
  • Holiday visit to Milford Mill Nursing Home
Grade 4
  • Homewood House
  • Annapolis
  • Living Classrooms at the Chesapeake Bay
  • Myerberg Senior Center to lead Pesach Seder

Co-Curricular Activities

At KSDS Lower School we make learning meaningful in class and out. Co-curricular activities are a chance to put classroom skills to use and put thoughts into action. Even better, they’re a chance to make friends with kids throughout the school.

Lower School Student Council

Students in 3rd and 4th Grades can become members of the Student Council. Working with one another and the administration, the Council decides on fun activities like Hat Day and Pajama Day. The Council also decides where charity (tzedakah) goes. Student Council is a great way to build leadership skills, make decisions as a group and learn what it means to represent other people. It’s social studies in action!

Green Club

We’re a Maryland Green School. We recycle. We compost lunch scraps. We work to keep the environment clean and use the Earth’s resources wisely. The Green Club meets once a week and helps promote our mission. Most recently, club members made one-minute videos with a green message. Everyone watched them at the Monday morning prayer service.

An Enrichment Independent Opportunity for “U”! (A.E.I.O.U!)

Do you have a question you want answered? Is it on a topic that’s not covered in class? Then A.E.I.O.U. is for you! One kid studied black holes. Another learned how to get streetlights in a Baltimore community. One student researched how to place a stray dog. Each project is based on personal interest, with parental approval.

Science Club

Students in 3rd and 4th Grades have the chance to do science experiments just for fun. Make a volcano, build a bridge out of popsicle sticks…you get the idea. Science Club is a chance to test your hypotheses. The best part is, there’s never a test!

Lower School Choir

Do you love the sound of a chorus? Want more songs to hum? The Lower School Choir is for singers in 3rd and 4th Grades. There are no auditions. So anyone who wants to join can. Members learn songs in English and Hebrew. The Lower School Choir meets once a week for half-an-hour during school time. In some years the choir performs outside school. They’ve even performed at the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis.

Learn more on the Music page.


Students in K-8 ought to have chances to meet one another. So we challenge our teachers to find ways to make that happen. Students in 1st and 5th Grades might write a book together based on a Bible story. Students in Kindergarten and 4th Grade might spin dreidels together to learn about probability. Joint projects are tied to the curriculum and purposely planned so that kids get to know one another. It’s a chance to build connections through learning.


After-School Programs

Free Homework Room for Lower School Hebrew

Our Hebrew teachers staff the Hebrew Homework Room in the first half-hour after the end of the school day. The room is open to students in Grades 1-4 from 3:30-4:00 p.m. It’s a chance to complete Hebrew homework and have it checked. It’s free! Parents are welcome. It’s also a great option for kids who wait for older siblings to be dismissed from the Middle School.

Visit the After-School Programs page for information on Enrichment and Extended Day programs. See the Lower School Student Services page for information on academic resource and support services.