Hesed Committee

One of the unique qualities of life at KSDS is the way in which we live our Jewish values.  Among these values, one tenet that we hold especially dear is that of Hesed (kindness). Combining the best of our Jewish ideals, the Hesed committee blends: tikkun olam (repairing our world), bikur holim(visiting the sick) and tzedakah (assistance).  As such, the Hesed committee of KSDS identifies and supports our families in need.

Unlike other committees of our PA, the Hesed “committee” is made up of every member of our parent community.  The responsibility falls to all of us to support our fellow KSDS families.  To that end, if you are aware of anyone in our community facing challenges, please bring it to the attention of the PA executive board – Jessica Alperstein or Stacy Forman at parentassociation@ksds.edu.  They will convey the information to the most appropriate person at KSDS, in order to ensure that a family gets the support and services that they need.

Mindful that every family has a different style, it is the goal of the Hesed committee to be respectful of those differences.  Some families prefer greater privacy and do not wish to have information shared with the whole community.  If you are concerned that a family is not receiving the support that it needs, please check with the PA executive board as it may be happening, “under the radar”.  In addition, some families need carpools and playdates, while others simply need a phone call of support from members of the KSDS community. It is the goal of the Hesed committee to respond in the most appropriate way to each family.

A final note about the services of the Hesed committee:  The committee does not collect money for families. If there is a need for financial support, there are many ways to make that happen outside of the Hesed committee.  Both the KSDS administrative team and the PA executive board are available to discuss options and to guide families in the right direction.

Thank you for your role in making KSDS a compassionate and caring Jewish community.