PA Mission

The KSDS Parent Association’s mission recognizes and supports the priorities of nurturing our growing children and achieving excellence in general and Jewish education.

To these ends, the Association’s goals are:

  • To create a community among the students, parents, alumni, teachers, and administrators of the Krieger Schechter Day School by welcoming, and reaching out to all our families, providing opportunities for social and cultural interaction, and offering support to individuals in our community at times of need.
  • To support the mission of the school by sponsoring extracurricular activities that enhance our children’s learning experiences; by funding enrichment activities, supplies and equipment not normally available; and by providing support to faculty and staff through direct volunteer service.
  • To work in partnership with Chizuk Amuno Congregation and the Krieger Schechter Day School to provide maximum opportunities for learning and growth among the children of the school, their parents, faculty, and staff to produce well-educated American Jews who value their religious heritage, the democratic ideals of the United States, and our Jewish homeland, Eretz Yisrael.