Our Values Are Jewish Values

We expect every member of our community to act with consideration and kindness for others. Whether you call it menshlihkeit or derekh eretz, these values have their foundation in the Torah. They sustain our school community just as they sustain the Jewish community as a whole.

How We Teach Values

Jewish values are woven into the fiber of our program. We emphasize the importance of performing good deeds (gemilut hasadim) in class and out. We teach our students to observe proper standards of behavior (derekh eretz) from kindergarten up. These values hold in our building, on the playing field and in the world beyond our walls. Our goal is not simply to teach good behavior, but to instill the Jewish ethics that are rooted in our history as a people and our understanding of God.

Codes of Conduct

Every KSDS Lower School student signs a Derekh Eretz commitment, showing that they understand the rules of good behavior. Every KSDS Middle School student signs a code of conduct, called the Kavod code. Each child agrees

  • to be honest in everything he or she says and does (Yosher)
  • to use language appropriately and communicate respectfully (Safah)
  • to respect the holiness of God and all God’s creations (Yirat HaShem)
  • to be modest (Tzni’ut)

Activities are done in school and with parents at home to explore the nuances of living according to an ethical guide.


Because we set high expectations our students display a high degree of care for one another and for the world around them. It shows in the decorum of our classrooms, in the hallways and on the field trips we take. It shows in the work we do to care for our neighborhood, our city and the planet. Every time we leave campus, even strangers remark on the model behavior of KSDS students.