A Life of Jewish Learning

Krieger Schechter Day School of Chizuk Amuno Congregation creates outstanding students and committed members of the Jewish community. We do it by celebrating the richness of Jewish life.

Immersed in Judaic studies that are integrated with the arts, students and teachers bring an excitement to Jewish holiday celebrations and rites of passage that comes from the connections we create to Jewish history and practice. The first grade siddur play, Siyyum Hasefer, is as meaningful to our kids as it is adorable for the family members who record and photograph it. The eighth grade trip to Israel is the capstone that all students have in the back of their minds as they learn Hebrew grammar, Israeli geography, prayer services and Torah cantillation.

Through service to others and the community we teach a sense of responsibility and love for all God has created. We also teach respect for the diversity of Jewish practice. Whatever a family’s background or practice, Krieger Schechter is a place for Jews to come together around a shared identity.