Musings with Rabbi Moshe


Musings with Rabbi Moshe Volume 3  

November 2019 When we think about a school, we usually try to highlight outstanding students, programs or initiatives but I’ve always believed that the true greatness of a school lies with its classroom teachers. Nowhere is this more evident than at KSDS. Here, that greatness comes with even greater significance and nuance and is best … Continue reading Musings with Rabbi Moshe Volume 3  


Hayom harat olam!

Dear KSDS families,  Today is the birthday of the world – hayom harat olam!  These are the words that we will recite on Rosh Hashanah. Just as Pesach marks the anniversary of our creation as a nation, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish anniversary of creation in a cosmic sense.  Yet, we approach this anniversary with … Continue reading Hayom harat olam!


Reflections from Rabbi Moshe

As I reflect on recent events, I am reminded of a seemingly obscure story from this week’s Torah portion of Shoftim that describes what to do when a corpse is found in the countryside and the identity of the slayer is unknown. The Torah commands the elders and judges to measure the distance to the surrounding towns, … Continue reading Reflections from Rabbi Moshe