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Making Community – September 2022: Middle School

Dear KSDS MS Parents, We are often asked: “What’s the secret? How does KSDS help middle schoolers – with all of the challenges that middle school years can bring – create community with each other?” The answer?  A loving, supportive, values-based middle school with a faculty who is ever-mindful of providing students with formal and … Continue reading Making Community – September 2022: Middle School


Building Independence – September 2022: Lower School

Dear KSDS LS Parents, Trust Bravery Confidence Pride Openness to Risk-Taking Growth Mindset Every step that our young children take in their growing independence works in tandem with these character traits. In the elementary years, taking on independence is a necessary component in our children’s development, but we all know that does not make the … Continue reading Building Independence – September 2022: Lower School


We are thrilled to launch the KSDS Schechter Connector Podcast!

The KSDS Schechter Connector Podcast is the official podcast of the Krieger Schechter Day School in Baltimore, Maryland created by and starring the students. Watch the Connector and learn about what makes KSDS special. Get a closer look at annual field trips, behind the scenes of the school play, special activities in the Makerspace, and … Continue reading We are thrilled to launch the KSDS Schechter Connector Podcast!


2022 KSDS 5k & Fun Run Silent Auction is now LIVE!

Bid on over $27,000 worth of items in our silent auction: With over 160 items, there is something for everyone! In addition to our highly anticipated grade-level themed baskets, we have weekend getaways, spa treatments, private classes, electronics and much more.   BID NOW:   Thank you to our incredible sponsors who’ve donated such … Continue reading 2022 KSDS 5k & Fun Run Silent Auction is now LIVE!


A Passover Message

Dear KSDS Families, Passover is a time of symbols. The maror reminds us of the bitterness of slavery, the matzah reminds us of our haste in running to freedom, and the karpas reminds us of the opportunities for renewal at springtime. As Jews, we see symbols and ascribe values-based meaning to them, or, we identify our key values and create symbols … Continue reading A Passover Message


Parashat Shmini

Parashat Shmini contains a significant section on the laws of kashrut, including the statement that וְאֵת֙ הַחֲסִידָ֔ה הָאֲנָפָ֖ה לְמִינָ֑הּ (Leviticus 11:19), the hasidah, stork is among those birds considered prohibited. Rav Yehuda, the great Talmudic sage (Chulin 63a) explains why by teaching: she’osah hasidut im chaveiroteha, the stork performs chasidut, charity, to its fellow birds. … Continue reading Parashat Shmini


Pekudei 2022

This Shabbat, we will conclude our reading of the Book of Exodus. In it, there are two significant national activities that take place: Revelation at Sinai and the building of the Mishkan, Tabernacle. When reflecting on the experience of the Israelites in both of them, one sees the need for a shared vision, cohesive leadership, … Continue reading Pekudei 2022


Shvat 5782

January 2022 How rare is it that a Jewish holiday that dates back to Mishnaic times and an American holiday first legislated in 1983 (making the third Monday in January a federal holiday) fall out on the same day this year? At first blush they seem to have nothing in common. The latter marks one … Continue reading Shvat 5782


Tu B’Shvat Learning

Enjoy this JNF-USA 2022 Tree Book in honor of Tu B’Shvat featuring an article by KSDS’s Rabbis Moshe Schwartz and Alex Salzberg!