Krieger Schechter Day School’s Distance Learning Model

  • We are using Google Classrooms to support our Distance Learning model.
    • All students, K-8, have their own school email accounts so they can access Google Classroom.
    • Assignments are posted daily to Google Classroom.
  • Each student follows a schedule based on his or her classes that includes Zoom sessions,  independent assignments and time for the entire grade to check
    and requires some Zoom classes in the schedule.
  • Middle School classes are a hybrid of live Zoom classes and asynchronous daily assignments.
  • Students have  Zoom classes according to a set schedule so parents can plan accordingly.
  • For Lower School, we have created a hybrid model for learning-from home.  New material is presented during Zoom sessions, and on the other days the students practice, reinforce, and apply their learning in hands-on activities, traditional paper-and-pencil exercises, games, and computer-based formats. The Zoom sessions are critical for the social/emotional development that is part of a Krieger Schechter LS education. We created a weekly tfilah service for LS and a K-8 Ta’am Shabbat so we can celebrate our Judaism as a school community each week.  In LS, we include “specials” — art, PE, and music – in the schedule as well.
  • Middle School students are participating in Choir, PE/Recess and Tefillah each week via live Zoom. We recognize the critical importance of the virtual, real-time connection to each other, their teachers and their school community for continuing education of the whole child. Our attention to students’ spiritual, social, physical and emotional well-being, in addition to their continued progress in academic excellence, is central to our approach for home learning during this time.