Try It, You’ll Like It! Adult Learning at the Stulman Center

Sumo wrestling?  Mostly for males in the prime of life

Nursing babies?  Mostly for women in the prime of life.

Adult Education?  For everyone of every age

Where did the erroneous rumor begin?  We hear it all too frequently. “Stulman Center for Adult Education offers great programs and courses, but they are only for older people.”  Yes, thank goodness, we have a number of “older people” participating in our offerings.  However, we also attract younger attendees.  But we should be attracting more. 

Is there an age limit on learning?  Not according to Judaism.  We are urged to pursue wisdom throughout our lives and encourage its lessons in our children.  It is a journey, hopefully an endless journey, one that you can join at any point in your life.

Take a look at the Stulman Center brochure.  Does a course on Torah commentaries including perspectives from gay, feminist, and transgender points of view appear to be intended only for people over 60 years of age?  No, we think this is a subject that would appeal to people of all ages.  A course on Tikkun Olam featuring eight outstanding teachers, almost all of whom are under 40?  Again, a subject of interest to most people, irrespective of age or gender.  Rabbi Shulman teaching about Visions of Meaning – don’t we all want to enhance our lives, and doesn’t everyone want to study with Rabbi Shulman?

Please make a decision to venture into the world of Adult Education.  Of one thing we can assure you, old age is not contagious.  Indeed, there is nothing so rich as a class of disparate people sharing their ideas and experiences and learning Torah together.

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