Third Graders Go Westward with the Pioneers

As part of the 3rd grade social studies curriculum, third graders came to school with their new “identities” carrying slates, wearing long dresses or knickers and ready to learn (without electricity in the classroom) during Apple Valley Days  – March 7, 8 & 9.  The children had the opportunity to do activities in the covered wagon that was constructed in the Lobby. Students were also required to do chores at home. Many families participated in the optional activity of keeping a journal as the family journeyed across the Oregon Trail.  Each family was given different circumstances and events and the families kept a journal of what happened.  Students knew first-hand what animals they might encounter on the journey, since prior to Apple Valley Days, Mr. Anderson from the Snyder Foundation for Animals brought many animals (taxidermy-style) that the pioneers might have encountered. This year he even brought a bison/buffalo head. During “nooning,” sample foods  form the 1840’s were eaten. There were different opinions about the taste of molasses. So much learning happens during  Apple Valley Days!