Senator Zirkin Visits 4th Grade

On Tuesday,  November 23rd , Senator Bobby Zirkin visited the fourth grade. During his visit, Senator Zirkin explained what he does as a Senator and how the Senate votes on bills to become laws. The students were given the opportunity to act as State Senators and vote on bills that have come to the Senate. One bill that was debated by the fourth graders was whether the driving age should be changed to age 18. After a class discussion, we discovered that many of our fourth grade students are very concerned about driving safety. Some students felt that the driving age was too young and that young drivers are prone to car accidents. Some felt that the driving age should stay at 16 years old because teenagers should be able to help families with younger siblings who need to get places. After a strong debate, the students voted that the driving age should not be changed to age 18, but the vote was extremely close! The students also debated on the issue of allowing people to bring pets to a resturaunt. Surprisingly enough, the students voted against this bill! Our fourth graders were very concerned that if pets were allowed in restaurants, it could cause a lot of health and safety problems. Through this visit, we hope that the fourth graders learned something about how our State Senate works and that this may spark an interest in politics for some of them. We will have a second visit with Senator Zirkin in May during our field trip to Annapolis. We look forward to hearing more ideas and passing more laws!