Safety Induction

On Monday, December 13, 2010, the new 2nd trimester Lower School safeties
recited their pledge before the Lower School student body.  These 4th
graders were selected because they are responsible and show leadership.
These children work hard and we appreciate their help at throughout the
day,including arrival and dismissal times.  First trimester safeties were
honored with a special pizza lunch and a warm round of applause from their
fellow students. Please remember not to pull away until the safety has
returned to the sidewalk area. Congratulations to Morgan S.- Captain, Daryn
L,.Shira P.,Gabe L.,Justin T., Josh B., Jonathan H.,Sarah R., Micah
H.,Natalie G.,Raegan L.,.Ari R., Jenna L.B. (Not necessarily  in the order
of the picture.)