Purim in the Middle School!

It was a wonderfully fun Purim day at KSDS! 8th grade students proudly chanted from the Megillah, according to traditional Megillat Ester trope, and helped the entire K-8 school fulfill the mitzvah of hearing the Megillah on Purim. While all of our students were dressed in fun, creative costumes, larger-than-life costumed characters roamed the Sanctuary greeting the students as well. After some sessions of “Topsy Turvy Teaching,” when students had short classes with teachers teaching outside (sometimes WAY outside) their regular teaching subjects, the entire middle school was treated to Purim Shpiels from the 7th grade. The Purim Shpiels were terrific, retelling parts of the story of Purim according to different genres, always with a ton of laughter! What a great way to celebrate Purim!!