Passover is in the Air in Krieger Schechter’s Lower School

Passover is just around the corner and this is quite evident as you walk the halls of Krieger Schechter’s Lower School and hear selections of the Haggadah being recited in every classroom. In fact, our kindergartners have been busy creating their very own Haggadot to use at both their model seder here at school and at their family seders. In first grade, the children decorated pillowcases which will adorn their pillows as they recline at the seder table. Our second graders have been learning all of the rules and regulations pertaining to the baking of matzot and will be traveling to the Matza Baking Factory to bake and taste the matza as it comes out of the oven. Our third graders have been practicing and preparing to take a leadership role in the model seder. Grade four will be leading a model seder at the Myerberg Senior Center. In preparation for their seders with family and friends, our fourth graders have painted beautiful ceramic seder plates. Who knows, maybe someday these seder plates will become family heirlooms!