MS Wellness and Sex Education

Most of the time, adults reserve talking about sex for whispered tones shared between only the best of friends or spouses.  While we may consider having “the talk” with our children when the latest commercial for contraception comes on, sometimes we find it a difficult subject to bring up or we fear the inevitable eye roll that such a discussion will bring. At KSMS, we hope that having open access to the middle school’s sexuality education curriculum is making it easier if and when you choose to open those lines of communication. Each grade this year is being given age-appropriate information about the human body, reproduction, the media’s role in sexuality development and education and more. Students are being encouraged to ask questions in class and continue those conversations at home with parents and guardians. It may be our job to help teach your children the facts of life, but we work closely with parents whose job it is to remind students of your family’s values and limits. Please join us as Deb Roffman presents a program for parents on January 16th, 2011 in the Esterson Auditorium. “Yes You Can! Raise a Sexually Healthy Child in a Sexually Unhealthy World” will run from 7:00pm -9:00pm (concurrently with the student social.)