MS Science is “Hands-On”

MS Science classes are hands-on! 5th graders are exploring homeostasis and the fight-or-flight response, and students are writing adrenaline-rushed, fight-or-flight stories to understand the process the body goes through. Grade 6 is concentrating on learning how to approach experiments using inquiry based methodology.  This method, which is used by all grades, will be very helpful to the sixth graders when they have to choose a topic for their science fair project. 6th graders have already had a chance to go outside and investigate their surroundings. Looking for rocks that had either moss or lichens (or both!) on them, they used the method of scientific inquiry to determine if it is possible that there are forms of life that can live on “dry,” hard rocks. Grade 7 is learning about the families and periods in the Periodic Table.  Students have been busy using an interactive periodic table to learn how the table is organized.  The students can now recognize the atomic number, atomic mass, the chemical symbol and the chemical name of elements, and this familiarity will enable them to predict an element’s properties. Grade 8 students have spent the first few weeks of school reacquainting themselves with the metric system while they have been trying to find the speed of marbles and tennis balls. Finding speed, which is distance divided by time, is an important component of the study of motion.