MS PE Classes – Hoops For Heart

KSMS will be participating in the Hoops for Heart event. This is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. The money our school raises will help fund potentially lifesaving research on heart and blood vessel diseases including stroke. It also supports the development of educational materials that teach the importance of heart health and staying fit. In short, our school is joining the fight against our nations No.1 and No.3 killers – heart disease and stroke. 

Hoops for Heart is a fun and effective way to teach heart-healthy living. It emphasizes the importance of physical activity as kids do something they enjoy, playing basketball. This event gives students the opportunity to perform community service as they raise funds for the American Heart Association. The event will be during the month of  December in their Physical Education classes. All of our students will be using jump ropes during their warm up and participating in various basketball games during class.

If you wish to contribute money to the American Heart Association, a collection envelope will be available or you can sign up online. This year the American Heart Association has offered an option for the students to create their own web site. This is something that we recommend you can do as a household. The web site really is a neat idea and a great learning tool for the students. Visit           

If you have any questions about our Hoops for Heart event, please contact us at 410-486-8640 ext.265. We look forward to your child’s participation in this very important effort. Please have a heart. Keep your child healthy and fit. It is worth it. Please support this worthy cause.