MS New 6th Graders – It’s Never Too Late to Learn Hebrew

For several years now our middle school has offered a new track in Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies for new, incoming students who have had limited exposure to the language.  This program aims to advance students’ knowledge of Judaism and Hebrew, and it forms students’ connection to the State of Israel.  These students join our general studies classes while working in small, separate groups on the Judaic/Hebrew component.   This program has proven to be very successful; socially and academically, new track students seamlessly and quickly become an integral part of our school community.

This year our new track is taught by Ms. Wecker, a new addition to our Hebrew and Music departments.  From the beginning, as the curriculum requires, Ms. Wecker has emphasized the integration of all four language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Songs, poems, drawings, and mnemonic devices are also used to help students remember what they learned. Ms. Wecker works with her students to activate any prior knowledge of the language that they may have from previous experiences.  In addition to introducing new vocabulary, Ms. Wecker also makes sure that each student understands the grammatical rules and learns the application of these concepts. The small class size provides the best opportunities for participation from all students.  Highlights of the course include those “light bulb” moments when a student makes a sudden mental connection between a word from Tefillah or Torah to a modern Hebrew term or phrase. 

We wish Ms. Wecker and our new track students bruchim habayim (welcome) and a smooth and enjoyable transition to Krieger Schechter Middle School.