MS Fall Sports

The Fall sports season began with a tremendous turnout of students interested in playing soccer and running cross country. There are 96 students playing soccer and 35 students running cross country. The boys and girls have been put through some tough practices for the past two weeks as the coaches evaluated their skills to place them on the appropriate team. The teams are working together to prepare for their first game. The cross country team continues to train as their first meet is a couple of weeks away.

Soccer Play Day

Monday, September 20th is the Girls A Team play day at KSMS and the Boys A Team will travel to St. James for their play day. The day will consist of mini-games against other teams in our conference. This is a fun day for everyone as all of the schools get a chance to meet on a non-competitive playing field. This is a great time to come out to cheer for KSMS and support our students, who will also be selling refreshments during the games. For additional sports information, please see the Athletics section on the web site. This is a great place to find all of your sporting needs such as: schedules, directions to away games, and sports highlights.