Middle School Purim Fun!

To celebrate the holiday of Purim, KSMS students participated in several long-standing school and holiday traditions. 8th graders learned to sing from the Megillah, and chanted readings from the Book of Esther for the entire school. 8th graders also dressed in character costumes, bringing smiles and fun to students from KSDS and from the preschool. All of the MS – students and teachers – took advantage of the holiday to let loose their creativity, coming to school in fun, funny and fabulous costumes. Middle School teachers then led “Topsy Turvy Teaching” during which students got to learn math from their Judaics teachers, and language arts from their Hebrew teachers, and Hebrew from their science teachers, and much more. Finally, our Purim celebrations were capped off with 7th grade Purim Shpiels – original, funny re-tellings of the Purim story, according to different genres, using assigned props and phrases to see which group could create the best skit! It was a great day in the Middle School, and another fun Purim holiday!!