Middle School Learning Festival Success

Our annual Middle School Learning Festival took place Tuesday, February 14th through Thursday, February 16th. The Learning Festival is a  three-day experience – a break from the regular curriculum – during which students and faculty immerse themselves in thematic and Project Based Learning (PBL) activities. This year’s theme was “The Brain” and  students studied the following topics through teacher- and community member-led learning sessions at school:

  • The Brain and Behavior
  • Technology and Medical Advances
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Disorders, Diseases and Differences
  • Brain Games

A “sampling” of some of the sessions included:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Science
  • How and where memories are made in the brain
  • How drugs get into your body and how they affect your brain
  • How bees think
  • What’s in a Brain? Sheep Brain Scavenger Hunt and Dissection

An additional component of the Learning Festival is Project Based Learning experiences. Students had the opportunity to work in groups of their choosing to create a product. There was a group of students working on documenting the Learning Festival through film and production, a group of students who learned how music, memory and learning are connected, and one group created a series of “Brain Games”, including an Escape Room, in which the whole middle school had a chance to participate.

One day during the Learning Festival, students On Wednesday, February 15th, students took a field trip to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to view an exhibit on the brain and attend a brain workshop.