Middle School Geography Bee

Every year the National Geographic Society sponsors a national geography bee contest.  In the Middle School, every Social Studies class conducts a classroom bee to generate interest and excitement for geography. Each classroom winner then competes across the Middle School grade levels to determine the school champion. 
This past Wednesday, the Middle School held its elimination competition. Questions ranged from “The Wabash River forms part of the border between Illinois and what other state?” to “Tet is an important holiday celebrating the new year in what country west of the Gulf of Tonkin?” 
The Krieger Schechter Middle School champion for this year is 7th grader Leah S. (her second year at the top spot), followed by 8th Grade runner-up, Nate B. Leah next takes one more exam in the competition (a written set of questions), and if successful will head to the State competition. Congratulations, Leah, and best of luck!!!
(The answers to the above questions, by the way, are Indiana and Vietnam.)