Middle School Advisory and Harry Potter

What do lightning bolts, owls, and wands have to do with Krieger Schechter Middle School?  If you haven’t heard, we are using the wisdom of J.K. Rowling to teach students the practical application of the Kavod Code.  If you’ve ever seen the Harry Potter movies, you’ve no doubt noticed that, aside from the magic, Harry and his friends are pretty normal teens.  They face situations that deal with issues ranging from friendship and bullying to loyalty and integrity. 

We have decided to use the series of movies as a starting point for discussions in advisory meetings and a year long House Cup competition that will encourage the students to learn as well as live Derech Eretz.  Is it working?  Imagine my delight when I opened my email to find these videos, unsolicited from two seventh grade girls, that demonstrate the values of Safah (language) and Tzni’ut (modesty.)  Take a minute to watch these videos and I think you’ll agree that Harry Potter is magical indeed.