LS Students Publishing Books!

May is the time for  KSDS’s 2nd annual book publishing event, a very successful program which reinforces the writing process. Every student in Lower School participated. Each class created and illustrated a book related to something that the children studied. Kindergarten children wrote about “My Favorite Things To Do and Learn About in Kindergarten.” Grade 1’s book takes us creatively “Around the World” in conjunction with their study of the continents. “Famous People throughout History” was published by grade 2 students with original poems in conjunction with the 2nd grade unit on biographies. Third graders published “Keep It Under Your Hat” with funny pictures to go along with the idioms. Lastly, each fourth grader wrote an original myth based on nature, in conjunction with the mythology unit. The KSDS Library is the recipient of 11 new books published through this project. Families and friends will receive their purchased copies during the first week of June. Congratulations to all of our students for becoming published authors!