LS Celebrates Sukkot!

As part of our celebration of the holiday of Sukkot, our fourth graders, with lulav and etrog in hand, led the Lower School in the recitation of “Hallel”, songs of praise. 

2nd graders took a “walking” field trip, and visited the sukkah at the nearby home of Gillian B. Stories, games and a special sukkah treat made the visit even more fun!

1st and 5th graders shared an annual “Friend to Friend” activity. The older and younger students worked together to learn about the ideas in the Book of Kohelet, which we read on Sukkot. Students talked about the teaching “To every thing there is a season” and then created an art project reflecting their ideas. To understand the idea of art from different times in history and different places, students also looked at examples of art from around the world and found those locations on globes and maps.