Lower School Olive Oil Making

As part of our study and celebration of Hanukkah, our first graders participated in an olive oil-making demonstration.  Students donned the costumes of Matthathias, (the High Priest from the Temple) and that of a Syrian/Greek soldier.  Together, the story of Hanukkah was reviewed.   As they worked  to operate an olive press, the first graders discovered that it takes many many olives (and a lot of effort) to produce a tiny bit of oil.  No wonder it would have taken the Maccabees eight long days to gather enough oil to light the giant menorah in the Temple!  “Nes gadol haya sham!” (A great miracle happened there!) and the little bit of oil burned for eight days.  Here at Krieger Schechter, we had a “Nes katan” (a small miracle), as the olive oil produced by our first graders, burned for just a moment.