Lower School Celebrates Tu B’Shvat

In honor of Tu B’Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, the students of the Lower School learned about seasons in Israel and discussed the importance of trees in the Torah and in our world today. Our students discovered ways in which we benefit from trees, as well as ways in which human beings can and should protect trees. Each class studied the Hebrew names for fruits that were native to ancient Israel and tasted samples of these fruits as well as those that have been introduced to Israel in modern times. In fourth grade, the students went outside during Science class to gather data about the bark, branches, and leaves of the trees on our school campus. Friend-to-Friend activities were shared between kindergarten and grades 4. The children decorated containers and planted parsley seeds. With proper care, we anticipate that these seeds will blossom and grow in time to be harvested for our Passover Seder tables.