Lower School Celebrates Purim

With great excitement, students and faculty arrived at school in costume and gathered together as a full school to hear the reading of Megilat Esther by our middle school students. Following the reading of the Megilah, it was time for “Bargain Baffle,” a Purim lottery where students have the opportunity to win prizes donated by faculty and administration. Some of the exciting prizes won by our lucky winners are: ice cream sundaes, lunch with  Dr. Schneider, our Headmaster, Shabbat dinner for the winner and their family at the home of a teacher, free movie passes, extra recess, and a chance to be the computer or music teacher for one class period. Each grade level paraded across the bimah to show off their costumes while everyone joined in song. Upon returning to the classrooms, the children snacked on delicious hamantaschen provided by our Parent Association. It was a day filled with fun and excitement!