KSDS To Add Abramoff MakerSpace in August

Krieger Schechter Day School is thrilled to announce the creation of the Abramoff MakerSpace which will be constructed over the summer and completed this fall.

This new and exciting development will bring heightened opportunities to the learning potential of our students and will further aid in the school’s vision of offering a dynamic educational experience that exceeds the traditional model.

The idea to build a makerspace was a collaboration on the part of school leadership and the donors, alumni parents David and Sandy Abramoff. Sandy is also a former faculty member at the school. Once agreeing on a framework, the school appointed Krieger Schechter’s Technology Coach, Amanda Levine, to lead the project. Ms. Levine formed a committee comprised of 18 teachers, administrators and parents and partnered with educational design experts, RM Sovich Architecture, to begin the process. The new space will be named in memory of KSDS grandparents Lenore and Abe Abramoff, who loved Jewish education.

The makerspace concept is based on community resources, shared ideas and tactile creation. It promotes teamwork and provides students with hands-on engineering experiences. The maker movement has been growing considerably in the educational community worldwide over recent years and Krieger Schechter is proud to provide this as an opportunity for our students.

The primary objective of the Abramoff MakerSpace and Collaboratory is to provide students with a collaborative learning experience and teach them the critical skills of cooperation, process development and problem solving. We want children to conceptualize an idea, develop a design plan, implement it and improve upon it based on trial and error. The focus will be placed more on the process than the final product.

The Abramoff MakerSpace and Collaboratory will be located in Room 122, the current art room, where modifications will be made over the summer to include adjustable workstations, sophisticated tools for use by students of all ages and creative storage solutions. The room is expected to include a laser cutter, 3D printer, t-shirt press, vinyl cutter and several woodworking apparatus. The art room will be relocated to Room 101 which will also receive a makeover this summer.

We are currently finalizing the schedule but intend to assign each grade level one trimester of makerspace, where students will use the room two – three periods a week. The continuity of classes will allow our students to focus on the process and deeply engage in their projects. Details about this and after school enrichment programs will be shared in our August back to school update.

As educators and parents, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for an increasingly interconnected world and the Abramoff MakerSpace and Collaboratory aims to achieve this.

Rabbi Moshe Schwartz
Head of School

Photo does not reflect the final design. Designs were created by RM Sovich Architecture.