KSDS/Legacy Heritage Better Together Program

Krieger Schechter Day School has been selected to participate in the Legacy Heritage Better Together Program. The Legacy Heritage Better Together Program is a two-year program designed to encourage meaningful interaction between young and old. Grade 7, under the direction of Ellen Friedman, is participating in the program with Myerberg Center.  KSDS is grateful for being chosen for the Legacy Heritage Better Together Program and looks forward to sharing with our community how this program positively influences our students. 

On Friday, September 15, our 7th graders participated in their first Better Together visit with members of the Myerberg Senior Center. The students had prepared for the trip by studying Jewish texts about the wisdom that comes with age. When they met with the seniors at the Myerberg Center, they all did a “gallery walk” where they looked at photos that contrasted the technology, fashions and Baltimore landmarks of 50 or 60 years ago with those of today. Students and seniors exchanged phone numbers, and before the end of the visits the students were already helping their new friends to get the most out of their phones. We look forward to the rest of our year-long collaboration.