KSDS Faculty Win Curriculum Innovation Awards

KSDS faculty members were recently honored for their innovative curriculum work. Awards went to the following two new curricular units:

3rd Grade 21st Century Skills – The Life of an Owl (Amanda Levine) This project utilized 21st Century skills as students were challenged to create a short movie about the life of an owl.  This connected to a unit on owls taught in 3rd grade at the end of the year.  Students worked in groups to research a specific owl using our school-subscribed online databases.  As a class, we watched sample interviews and analyzed them to determine a format for conducting an effective interview.  Each group then wrote an interview script as if they were interviewing that owl for a talk show.  Then, using Pixie, a creative software program, students created detailed slides pictorially displaying their owl’s habitat, including food sources, nests, and environment.  Students used another program to record themselves conducting the interview, with one student acting as the owl and the other acting as the interviewer.  Finally, students used Windows Moviemaker to combine and match the audio with their slides to create a short movie about the life of a owl.

8th Grade Holocaust Visual Journals (Brina Pintzuk, Rita Plaut, Ellen Friedman, Sally Grobani): The Holocaust Visual Journal is a project that was introduced last
year to eighth grade students. The focus of the journal was to give
students yet another way to process, understand and express their impressions of  this difficult period in history. Each student was given a journal and drawing supplies to use; entries in the journal were made throughout their studies in the classroom, from their readings, and during the class trip to the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Students then selected one piece from from their portfolio to be part of the school’s Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) commemoration ceremony.