KSDS Alumni Back at School

We are very lucky to have so many of our alumni who choose to come back to KSDS to teach, intern or otherwise help in many capacities.

Many of our alumni, now students at Beth T’filoh High School, ho choose to come back to KSMS on Wednesday mornings to lead our middle school students in morning tefillah. These amazing role models show our students their love of Jewish living, their commitment to prayer, and their fondness for KSDS by taking the time each week to plan a creative, meaningful and tradition-based tefillah experience. We especially thank our 12th grade alumni who have dedicated so many hours to KSMS over the years – Ian, Aaron, Max, Noah, Sarah, Danielle and Talia, who are now leaving for their school internships and their 12th grade Israel trip. We can’t wait for you to come back and share your great experiences with us!

Others of our alumni come to intern as teacher’s assistants in the classrooms. Alumni have worked with students in Kindergarten and in Lower School math. We are so proud of our alumni, and thank them for giving back to KSDS!