Krieger Schechter Day School Hosts 4th Annual STEAM Showcase

On Sunday, November 16, Krieger Schechter Day School (KSDS) hosted its 4th Annual STEAM Showcase. KSDS community members came together to teach fun, interactive, age-appropriate projects in the core areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/design, and Math) to nearly 200 attending students and family members. Some session highlights included (but were not limited to) making marshmallow catapults to learn about physics, discovering about how fossils are made, creating “space ice cream” to show how the universe was formed, and a hair-raising lesson about static electricity.

After the small group sessions, all students and their families gathered to participate in KSDS’s contribution to the Global Cardboard Challenge, an initiative from the Imagination Foundation that celebrates child creativity. With dozens of cardboard boxes, tape, scissors, and other recycled materials, everyone came to together to build a gigantic cardboard city, complete with an airport and airplanes, boats, skyscrapers, homes, cars, and even a candy factory! The event was a huge success and the following Monday at school all classes had a chance to come down and view the cardboard city, complete with it’s own “Schechter Street”.