Kindergarten”Yom Aleph Bet”

The day of an average kindergartner is filled with building blocks, some tangible, others not. There are wooden blocks, Lincoln logs, and Legos with which our children play, create, and develop fine motor coordination. On the less tangible side, there are the building blocks of learning. In our Kindergarten program, these building blocks include both the English and Hebrew alphabets. On an October afternoon, our kindergartners and their parents came together to celebrate the learning of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Each kindergartner rotated through a series of Aleph Bet stations: Israeli folk dancing, arts and crafts, and “Aleph Bet Yoga” story time. The program culminated with a special ceremony led by Rabbi Josh Snyder, a parent of one of our kindergartners. Josh assisted our families in reenacting a ritual dating back many centuries, in which honey is placed onto the letters of the Aleph Bet for the children to taste, juxtaposing sweetness with learning.