Keep the Dream Alive – 3rd grade play

We gathered in the Sanctuary to celebrate Jewish learning, as our third graders marked the occasion of Siyyum Sefer B’reishit, the completion of the study of the book of Genesis. The children, under the guidance of our talented and dedicated Judaic Studies teachers – Ann Berman, Daniela Eyal, Tzeira MInka, and B’racha Lang, along with our equally talented music teacher, Sara Fuld – presented a “Biblical Revue” filled with Hebrew narrative, song, and dance. There was barely a dry eye in the room as the children sang the powerful words: “Keep the Dream Alive,” a dream that comes true each and every day at Krieger Schechter! Through the generosity of our Parent Association, each child was presented with a Tanakh, a Hebrew Bible from which they may continue their lifelong learning.