Kamishibai: A New Hebrew Enrichment Program for Grade 4

Our fourth graders recently had the opportunity to learn about the Japanese story-telling format called Kamishibai.  Mr. Daveed Korup from Port Discovery visited our school and presented several different stories using Kamishibai.  A group of 15 fourth graders has been selected to be part of our Kamishibai Hebrew enrichment program.  Over the course of the school year, these students will exchange drawings and written Hebrew compositions with students from an elementary school in the Aravah region of Israel (south of the Dead Sea, on the Jordanian border).  Students will meet and speak to each other using Skype. At the end of the year, students in each country will create their own Kamishibai stories to share via Skype. We are excited for the opportunities that technology will give us to meet people and share with them, even though they are far away!