Hooray! Hooray, for the USA!

KSDS Lower Schoolers celebrated American tradition, innovation and achievement this week as they celebrated the school’s first USA Day. From a historical perspective, the students learned about the symbolism of the American flag and other American icons, and then created their own personal flags. Integrating physical education and music, the students square danced to Turkey in the Straw and created marching-band choreography to patriotic tunes. Using geometry, the students analyzed the structure of famous American monuments and landmarks, and worked collaboratively to replicate their designs. Students learned how artists depict leadership by analyzing the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware, and then recreated the tableau to make their own sketches of the famous painting. And what’s more all-American than the Statue of Liberty and red, white and blue (indoor) fireworks?! USA Day ended with a school-wide patriotic pep rally celebrating American liberty, freedom and equality, and the opportunity for each of us to contribute to our nation’s greatness by giving back to our community. Hooray! Hooray, for the USA!