Hanukkah in the Lower School

We have had a week filled with learning, celebration, and mitzvot in the Lower School.  Students have created art projects, eaten sufganiyot (jelly donuts), enjoyed videos, participated in a Hanukkah sing-along, and played with s’vivonim(dreidels).  Many of our classes had the opportunity to reach out to the community, engaging in g’milut hassadim (acts of loving kindness). Grade 2 students had the opportunity to sing and light the Hanukkiyah for the residents of Courtland Gardens, while grade 3 students sang and played Hanukkah games with the senior citizens at the Myerberg Center.  Our Lower School choir performed Hanukkah songs on Shabbat at Chizuk Amuno Congregation and at Sinai Hospital. With a hands-on demonstration, first graders learned how difficult it is to make olive oil! Some of our classes had “Friend-to-Friend” meetings with their Middle School partners, creating artwork, playing games, and sharing a snack together. Every afternoon, representatives from a different grade level led the candle lighting over the intercom. What a fun time was had by one and all!