Hanukkah in the Lower School

We have had a week filled with learning, celebration, and mitzvot in the Lower School.  Students have created art projects, eaten sufganiyot (jelly donuts), enjoyed videos, participated in a Hanukkah sing-along, and played with s’vivonim(dreidels).  Many of our classes had the opportunity to reach out to the community, engaging in g’milut hassadim (acts of loving kindness).  Grade 2 students had the opportunity to sing and light the Hanukkiyah for the residents of Courtland Gardens, while grade 3 students sang and played Hanukkah games with the senior citizens at the Myerberg Center.  Our Lower School choir performed Hanukkah songs at Sinai Hospital.  With a hands-on demonstration, first graders learned how difficult it is to make olive oil! Some of our classes had “Friend-to-Friend” meetings with their Middle School partners, creating artwork, playing games, and sharing a snack together.  Every afternoon, representatives from a different grade level led the candle lighting over the intercom.  What a fun time was had by one and all!