Grade 8 Learns from KSDS Parent

Miriam Trinh Niborski, visiting scholar at JHU and parent of Schechter students, Ethel, Dina and Ruben, has given so generously of her time by meeting with each of four sections of Grade 8 Jewish History to teach an important lesson about life during the Holocaust. A professor in Israel at the Hebrew University, Miriam has been invited to spend time as a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University where she specializes in the instruction of Yiddish and Holocaust Literature. Fluent in at least six languages, Miriam has widened the students’ understanding of life in the Warsaw Ghetto, through poetry written by Jewish children who lived there under the most terrible conditions. Miriam remarked that she is very impressed with our students’ mature responses, engagement, sensitivity and knowledge of the subject. We thank Miriam and express our sincere appreciation for imparting so much wisdom to our students.