Grade 6 Studies Autism

Over the summer, Grade 6 students read the book “Rules” – the story of a boy with autism told through the lens of his younger sister. The book has then been the focus of Grade 6 Language Arts classes for the beginning of this school year. 6th graders also had a wonderful opportunity last month to hear directly from Beth Hecht, KSDS alumni parent, who has a son with autism. Beth’s daughter, KSDS alumna Emily Hecht ’04, wrote a book, Autism through a Sister’s Eyes,  while she was a student at KSDS. The book is meant as a guide for siblings in understanding autism. The Grade 6 students used excerpts of her book to supplement their understanding of autism and family dynamics. Beth’s presentation to our 6th graders was powerful, and enriched the students’ understanding in such an authentic way. The entire experience exemplifies the wonderful connections of our KSDS community – how alumni and alumni parents remain a valuable part of our students’ learning.