Fourth Grade Maryland Play – a Smashing Success

Fourth graders were stupendous as they embarked on a magical mystery… we mean, history, tour of Maryland. They began a journey at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, where the new Beatles exhibit was reported missing. Grade 4 students taught Lower School children about Maryland history as they continued on a humorous journey to find the missing Beatles. Fourth graders shared information about the settling of our state, important historical events about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad and Anthony Stewart burning his ship in the Baltimore Harbor in protest of the British tax on tea. The students used their musical talents to add informative creative music.  Not only did they share the chronology of Maryland history, they reunited the Beatles and saved the new exhibit. The students spent much of the year learning about early Maryland history, and this play was a wonderful culmination to the 4th graders in-depth history of Maryland unit. A special thank you to the 4th grade teachers Nissa Weinberg, Faith Friedman, Pam Friedman, Margo Friedman, Barbara Baylin, Amanda Levine, and our music teacher Sara Fuld for producing and directing such a cute yet informative musical.